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Crawdad (Dartmouth)
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human behavior, sensors, wireless


Trace of wireless contacts, social connections, and user interests, performed in an academic environment for 63 days, with 72 participants

Wireless contacts trace collected at the University Politehnica of Bucharest in the spring of 2012, using an application entitled HYCCUPS Tracer (, with the purpose of collecting contextual data from Android smartphones. It was run in the background and collected availability and mobile interaction information such as usage statistics, user activity, battery statistics, or sensor data, but it also gathered information about a device's encounters with other nodes or with wireless access points. Encounter collection was performed using AllJoyn. The data was collected by constructing and deleting wireless sessions using the AllJoyn framework based on WiFi. Tracing was executed asynchronously. The duration of the tracing experiment was 63 days, between March and May 2012, and had 72 participants, out of which only 42 had at least one contact. By analyzing the participants' Facebook profiles, the social connections matrix was extracted, as well as the users' interests. The trace (and others from the CRAWDAD collection) is parsed within the MobEmu simulator (used in all UPB's papers), publicly available at . ;

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