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Popular Website Crawl
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application layer security


HAR files resulting from automatically visiting 35,000 popular Web sites with Google Chrome.

This dataset is a set of HAR files resulting from the crawl of of 35,000 popular Web sites. The list of Web sites was provided by SimilarWeb (similar to Alexa rank). Each of the 35,000 Web sites has been visited 5 times using Google Chrome, and, for each visit, we built the corresponding HAR file (see spec. at, containing details of all the HTTP transactions performed to render the page. The dataset is divided in European and Extra-European archives. The file '' includes HARs of Web sites popular in Europe; the file '' includes HARs of Web sites popular in U.S.A., Brazil, Russia and Australia. Interesting information can be derived analyzing 'Cookie' and 'Set-Cookie' headers. Crawling was performed during spring 2017. ;

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alexa internet, interactive media, communication protocol, cryptographic protocol, world wide web, application layer protocols, blog, macos web browsers, google software, transport layer security, external data source, google chrome, windows web browsers, internet protocol, uniform resource identifier, website, hypertext transfer protocol, inferlink corporation, 1097, secure communication, history of computing, digital media, cross platform web browsers, similarweb, popular website crawl, politico