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More SSL Certificates (non-443)
External Dataset
External Data Source
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application layer security


Project Sonar includes a regular scan of IPv4 SSL/TLS services such as IMAP, POP3, SMTP. Sonar scans both the direct SSL and STARTTLS modes for these services. The dataset includes raw X509 certificates, IP address to certificate mappings and certificate names for convencience.

The dataset contains a collection of metadata related to the net new X.509 certificates observed in each study when considering all SSL studies that ran prior. The _hosts and _endpoints files provide mapping between the IPs/endpoints and the fingerprint of the X.509 certificate presented. The _certs file provides a mapping of the net new certificates from a given study and the corresponding fingerprint. The _names file provides a mapping of the X.509 certificate name (CN) to its fingerprint. ;

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