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Network map shapefile archive
University of Wisconsin
University of Wisconsin
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Infrastructure Data
geolocation mapping, internet physical infrastructure


Network maps shapefile archive

This data set consists of an gzip archive of shapefiles for maps of a selection of 50 network service provider networks from around the world.    The archive includes maps of both large service providers with a world-wide footprint and metro area fiber maps.    In particular, the archive offers maps of 5 the tier-1 ISPs, 10 regional ISPs distributed around the US, 5 metro fiber maps from the US and the remaining 25 maps from ISPs in other countries (12 in Europe, 7 in Africa and 6 Asia).    The maps are geocoded but obfuscated slightly so that the true positions of nodes (i.e., colocation centers) and links (fiber conduits) are not exactly accurate.    The shapefiles can be visualized in standard Geographic Information Systems such as ESRI's ArcGIS.

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Network maps, physical infrastructure, shapefiles