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Philips Healthcare (PSN) Normal State Network Traffic Data Set 1
Massachusetts General Hospital
Massachusetts General Hospital
50 (lowest rank is 56)

Category & Restrictions

Infrastructure Data
local networks, sensors


Medical device network traffic collected from a Philips Healthcare Supplied Network (PSN). The data collection system consisted of a Fluke ProSim 8 patient simulator, Philips MX800 patient monitor, network equipment, Philips PIIC IX Central Station. Network traffic was collected under baseline, system initialization and alarm state conditions.

This data set consists of medical device network traffic collected from a Philips Healthcare Supplied Network (PSN).    The system consisted of a Philips MX800 Patient Monitor and a Philips PIIC IX Central Station (Ver. A.02.16) connected through a Cisco 2960-S network switch.    Data was collected via a data collection computer connected to the SPAN port of the switch.    The MX800 monitor sensor inputs were connected to a Fluke ProSim 8 patient simulator, which supplied EKG waveforms, heartrate, invasive blood pressure waveform and numerics, pleth waveform and spo2, and an impedance respiratory rate.    Alarms were generated by adjusting simulator settings to output values which trigger patient monitor alarm thresholds such as a high heartrate.

Three data files were collected:

philips-baseline.pcap; 5 minutes of MX800 patient monitor and PIC IX Central Station; Vital signs steady, no alarms

Starts with just the central station connected (mx800 unplugged)
After about 15 seconds, MX800 is plugged into the switch
MX800 associates with central and begins sending data

Patient simulator is set to heartrate of 60
After about 30 seconds, simulator is set to HR of 140, which triggers a High HR alarm on the monitor a few seconds later
Alarm continues to sound for about a minute
Simulator is set to HR of 70
Alarm is cleared on the monitor

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