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Packet Clearing House
Packet Clearing House
Data collection is ongoing
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BGP Routing Data


routing topology view from a PCH router

This database encompasses daily 'sh ip bgp' formatted snapshots of the routing information base (RIB) for router, which is located at the HK-IX Internet Exchange in Hong Kong, China. The routing topology depicted herein encompasses routes that have been exchanged between PCH and local peers that have agreed to share routing topology data for reseach purposes. Note that the scope of routing topology data captured in this data set will change constantly, as network conditions vary, local peers grow and evolve, and new peers are configured.
This dataset is the subject of ongoing measurement and data collection. As such the data is continuously growing. Researchers who are granted access will be able to download updates for a period of one year after their request.

Additional Details

Size is growing as more data is collected
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