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cyber attack, malware


Exploit Development and Reverse Engineering with GDB Made Easy

pwndbg is a GDB plug-in that improves debugging with GDB, with a focus on features needed by low-level software developers, hardware hackers, reverse-engineers and exploit developers.
It provides a suite of utilities and crutches to hack around all of the cruft that is GDB and smooth out the rough edges.
Many other projects from the past (e.g., gdbinit, PEDA) and present (e.g. GEF) exist to fill some these gaps. Each provides an excellent experience and great features -- but they re difficult to extend (some are unmaintained, and all are a single 100KB, 200KB, or 300KB file (respectively)).
Pwndbg exists not only to replace all of its predecessors, but also to have a clean implementation that runs quickly and is resilient against all the weird corner cases that come up.

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