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cyber attack, cyber defense, malware, forensics


Cuckoo Sandbox is an automated dynamic malware analysis system

Cuckoo Sandbox is the leading open sourceautomated malware analysis system. You can throw any suspicious file atit and in a matter of seconds Cuckoo will provide you back some detailedresults outlining what such file did when executed inside an isolatedenvironment.

Cuckoo Sandbox is free software that automated the task of analyzing any malicious file under Windows, OS X, Linux, and Android.

What can it do?

Cuckoo Sandbox is an advanced, extremely modular, and 100% open source automated malware analysis system with infinite application opportunities. By default it is able to:

      Analyze many different malicious files (executables, office documents, pdf files, emails, etc) as well as malicious websites under Windows, Linux, Mac OS X, and Android virtualized environments.
      Trace API calls and general behavior of the file and distill this into high level information and signatures comprehensible by anyone.
      Dump and analyze network traffic, even when encrypted with SSL/TLS. With native network routing support to drop all traffic or route it through InetSIM, a network interface, or a VPN.
      Perform advanced memory analysis of the infected virtualized system through Volatility as well as on a process memory granularity using YARA.

Due to Cuckoo s open source nature and extensive modular design one may customize any aspect of the analysis environment, analysis results processing, and reporting stage. Cuckoo provides you all the requirements to easily integrate the sandbox into your existing framework and backend in the way you want, with the format you want, and all of that without licensing requirements.


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