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Internet event log
University of Wisconsin
University of Wisconsin
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Adverse Events
cyber attack, cyber crime


Internet outage/attack/congestion event log

This dataset contains details about the events detected by the BigBen internet-wide event monitoring system developed at the University of Wisconsin - Madison.    BigBen detects events based on analyzing Network Time Protocol data contributed from NTP server operators.    This dataset    contains events identified in data provided by 16 NTP servers in 7 US locations, during the period of January 2019 to May 2019.    The size of the file is 1GB.    It includes a list of /24 IPv4 networks and /96 IPv6 networks in which events were detected.

The method for detecting events is described in the paper:

Meena Syamkumar, Sathiya Mani, Ram Durairajan, Paul Barford and Joel Sommers. "Wrinkles in Time: Detecting Internet-wide Events via NTP", In Proceedings of the IFIP Networking, Zurich, Switzerland, May, 2018.

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