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HTTPS and SSH Collection-1 Dataset
External Dataset
External Data Source
AZSecure Data
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network data, packet captures


eMews is a collection of PCAP data captured from an in-lab emulated network, using the CORE network emulator and the eMews framework developed to generate packet traces and manage experimental runs.

The captures span from 1 hour to 10 hours in duration and are captured from an HTTPS and SSH server within the network.    Because these captures were performed in a controlled environment, we can guarantee that no malware or any other malicious behavior is present.    The network consists of 1,022 nodes, of which 844 incorporate autonomous web crawling activity, and 36 incorporate autonomous SSH interactions.

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artificial neural network, cybercrime, server, network analyzers, cryptographic protocol, communication protocol, application layer protocols, market research, computer networks by scale, transport layer security, external data source, cryptographic software, servers, network trace, pcap, comparison of ssh servers, internet protocol, vmware thinapp, classification algorithms, uniform resource identifier, malware, virtualization software, hypertext transfer protocol, remote administration software, https and ssh collection-1 dataset, vmware, inferlink corporation, machine learning, secure communication, ssh communications security, emulator, history of computing, secure shell, 1265, backbone network, exploit