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Rampart Research, Inc (R2) - VxURL Malware Dataset
External Dataset
External Data Source
National Cybersecurity Laboratories
52 (lowest rank is 52)

Category & Restrictions

cyber attack, malware


These malware samples are uploaded by users or from Rampart Research themselves. These datasets maybe useful as a training datasets to validate anti-virus engine detection or for researchers interested in malware analysis.

This dataset was obtained from Rampart Research, Inc (R2), a not-for-profit organization focused on serving the needs of the international information security community. Rampart Research maintains VxPortal, a web portal of malware samples repository.
There are an estimated of 1.12 million malware samples from VxPortal, collected or submitted from 2013 - 2015. The underlying application runs on VxCage, a WSGI Python application for managing a malware samples repository with a REST API interface.

The datasets are in various formats such as:

- Documents (PDF, HTML, RSS + XML, Word ...)
- BitTorrent
- Images (PNG, GIF, JPEG...)
- Audio and Visuals (OGG, SMAF, MPEG...)
- Adobe Flash
- Java application
- Archives (RAR, 7zip, Zip, Gzip ...)
- Portable Executables

Additional Details

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