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ICS Cyber Attack Power System Datasets
External Dataset
External Data Source
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Category & Restrictions

cyber attack


This dataset is split into three smaller datsets, which include measurements related to electric transmission system normal, disturbance, control, cyber attack behaviors. Measurements in the dataset include synchrophasor measurements and data logs from Snort, a simulated control panel, and relays.

There are three datasets contained in this folder. They are made from one initial dataset consisting of fifteen sets with 37 power system
event scenarios in each. The multiclass datasets are in ARFF format for easy use with Weka and the others are in CSV format also
compatible with Weka. The 37 scenarios are divided into Natural Events (8), No Events (1) and Attack Events (28). The datasets were
randomly sampled at one percent and grouped into:
? Binary
? Three-class and
? Multiclass datasets.

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