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network data, packet captures


This repository includes a series of PCAP captures generated for cybersecurity research purposes. Each capture set is provided as a release, namely: modbus TCP SCADA #1 - the entire dataset of network trace captures

This dataset was generated on a small-scale process automation scenario using MODBUS/TCP equipment, for research on the application of ML techniques to cybersecurity in Industrial Control Systems. The testbed emulates a CPS process controlled by a SCADA system using the MODBUS/TCP protocol. It consists of a liquid pump simulated by an electric motor controlled by a variable frequency drive (allowing for multiple rotor speeds), which in its turn controlled by a Programmable Logic Controller (PLC). The motor speed is determined by a set of predefined liquid temperature thresholds, whose measurement is provided by a MODBUS Remote Terminal Unit (RTU) device providing a temperature gauge, which is simulated by a potentiometer connected to an Arduino. The PLC communicates horizontally with the RTU, providing insightful knowledge of how this type of communications may have an effect on the overall system. The PLC also communicates with the Human-Machine Interface (HMI) controlling the system.

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