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Insider Threat Test Dataset
External Dataset
External Data Source
Carnegie Mellon University
56 (lowest rank is 56)

Category & Restrictions

malicious traffic, cyber attack, network data


The Insider Threat Test Dataset is a collection of synthetic insider threat test datasets that provide both background and malicious actor synthetic data.

The CERT Division, in partnership with ExactData, LLC, and under sponsorship from DARPA I2O, generated a collection of synthetic insider threat test datasets. These datasets provide both synthetic background data and data from synthetic malicious actors. Datasets are organized according to the data generator release that created them. Most releases include multiple datasets (e.g., r3.1 and r3.2). Generally, later releases include a superset of the data generation functionality of earlier releases. Each dataset file contains a readme file that provides detailed notes about the features of that release. The answer key file answers.tar.bz2 contains the details of the malicious activity included in each dataset, including descriptions of the scenarios enacted and the identifiers of the synthetic users involved.

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