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Labeled IP flows with their Application Protocol
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network data, traffic flow data, packet captures


IP Network Traffic Flows Labeled with 75 Apps

The data presented here was collected in a network section from Universidad Del Cauca, Popayn, Colombia by performing packet captures at different hours, during morning and afternoon, over six days (April 26, 27, 28 and May 9, 11 and 15) of 2017. A total of 3.577.296 instances were collected and are currently stored in a CSV (Comma Separated Values) file. The dataset contains 87 features. Each instance holds the information of an IP flow generated by a network device i.e., source and destination IP addresses, ports, interarrival times, layer 7 protocol (application) used on that flow as the class, among others. Most of the attributes are numeric type but there are also nominal types and a date type due to the Timestamp.

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