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Bruteforce Database
External Dataset
External Data Source
56 (lowest rank is 56)

Category & Restrictions

cyber crime, password security, cyber defense


Multiple password cracking dictionaries separated based on purpose.

Dictionaries included in the dataset:

8-more-passwords.txt sorting only passwords with more than 8 characters, removed all numeric passes, removed consecutive characters (3 characters or more), removed all lowercase passwords, passwords without a capital letter and also a number (61.682 password).
7-more-passwords.txt it consists of passwords 7 characters or more, and numeric passwords removed (528.136 passwords).
1000000_password_seclists.txt 1.000.000 password from SecLists
bitcoin-brainwallet.lst bitcoin-brainwallet with 394.748 lines
usernames.txt collection username of/at US - 403.355 lines
us-cities.txt list 20.580 cities at US
facebook-firstnames.txt 4.347.667 of Facebook firstnames.
2151220-passwords.txt 2.151.220 passwords from
subdomains-10000.txt 10.000 subdomain for domain scanner.
38650-password-sktorrent.txt 38.650 passwords from
uniqpass_v16_password.txt UNIQPASS is a large password list for use with John the Ripper (JtR) wordlist mode to translate large number of hashes, e.g. MD5 hashes, into cleartext passwords
indo-cities.txt list 102 cities at Indonesia
38650-username-sktorrent.txt 38.650 usernames from
forced-browsing every wordlist needed for forced browsing

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