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External Tool
External Data Source
52 (lowest rank is 52)

Category & Restrictions

cyber crime, phishing


dnstwist is a domain name permutation engine for detecting typo squatting, phishing and corporate espionage.

dnstwist takes in your domain name as a seed, generates a list of potential phishing domains and then checks to see if they are registered. Additionally it can test if the mail server from MX record can be used to intercept misdirected corporate e-mails and it can generate fuzzy hashes of the web pages to see if they are live phishing sites.

Key features:
A wide range of efficient domain fuzzing algorithms
Unicode domain names (IDN)
Multithreaded job distribution
Queries A, AAAA, NS and MX records
Evaluates web page similarity with fuzzy hashes to find live phishing sites
Tests if MX host (mail server) can be used to intercept misdirected e-mails
Additional domain variants using dictionary files
GeoIP location information
Grabs HTTP and SMTP service banners
WHOIS lookups for creation and modification date
Output in CSV and JSON format

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