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External Data Source
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simulated attacks, cyber attack, penetration testing, cyber defense


pythem is a multi-purpose pentest framework written in Python.

pythem can test multiple different types of attacks and phishing instances such as:

ARP spoofing - Man-in-the-middle.
ARP+DNS spoof - fake page redirect to credential harvester
DHCP ACK Injection spoofing - Man-in-the-middle
Man-in-the-middle inject BeEF hook
SSH Brute-Force attack.
Web page formulary brute-force
URL content buster
Overthrow the DNS of LAN range/IP address
Redirect all possible DNS queries to host
Get Shellcode from binary
Filter strings on pcap files
Exploit Development 1: Overwriting Instruction Pointer
Exploit Development 2: Ret2libc

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