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ICS Cyber Attack Gas Pipeline and Water Storage Tank Datasets
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network data, cyber attack, local networks


Multiple datasets containing cyber attacks against 2 laboratory scale industrial control systems; a gas pipeline and water storage tank.

The data sets include network traffic, process control and process measurement features from normal operations and attacks against the two SCADA systems. The data sets are stored in the Attribute Relationship File Format (ARFF) for use with the WEKA software. WEKA is a comprehensive framework that enables researchers to compare and verify machine learning algorithms. Four data sets were created as part of this research. Data Set I contains transactions from the gas pipeline system. Data Set II contains transactions from the water storage tank system. The two data sets were generated from network ?ow records captured with a serial port data logger.Two reduced size data sets were also created. Data Set III is a gas pipeline system data set, which was created by randomly selecting 10% of the instances in Data Set I. Likewise, Data Set IV is a water storage tank system data set,which was created by randomly selecting 10% of the instances in Data Set II.

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