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Telnet IoT Honeypot
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External Data Source
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cyber attack, malware, cyber defense, honeypots, iot, network data, botnet


Python telnet honeypot for catching botnet binaries

This project implements a python telnet server trying to act as a honeypot for IoT Malware which spreads over horribly insecure default passwords on telnet servers on the internet.The honeypot works by emulating a shell environment, just like cowrie. The aim of this project is primarily to automatically analyse Botnet connections and "map" Botnets by linking different connections and even Networks together.

The application has a client/server architecture, with a client (the actual honeypot) accepting telnet connections and a server which receives information about connections and does the analysis.

The backend server exposes a HTTP interface which is used to access to frontend as well as by the clients to push new Connection information to the backend.

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