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Digital Forensics Artifact Repository
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forensics, cyber defense


A free, community-sourced, machine-readable knowledge base of digital forensic artifacts that the world can use both as an information source and within other tools.

The first version of the artifact definitions originated from the GRR project, where it is used to describe and quickly collect data of interest, e.g. specific files or Windows Registry keys. The goal of the format is to provide a way to describe the majority of forensic artifacts in a language that is readable by humans and machines.

The format is designed to be simple and straight forward, so that a digital forensic analysist is able to quickly write artifact definitions during an investigation without having to rely on complex standards or tooling.

The format is intended to describe forensically-relevant data on a machine, while being tool agnostic. In particular we intentionally avoided adding IOC-like logic, or describing how the data should be collected since this various between tools.

The artifact definitions are YAML -based. Understanding this format is the only requirement to be able to use the data. The Python code in this project is only used to validate all the artifacts to make sure they follow the specification.

As of 2019-06-10 the repository contains 1013 file paths covered, 635 registry keys covered, and 525 total artifacts.

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