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cyber defense, penetration testing


MailSniper is a penetration testing tool for searching through email in a Microsoft Exchange environment for specific terms (passwords, insider intel, network architecture information, etc.). It can be used as a non-administrative user to search their own email, or by an administrator to search the mailboxes of every user in a domain.

MailSniper also includes additional modules for password spraying, enumerating users/domains, gathering the Global Address List from OWA and EWS, and checking mailbox permissions for every Exchange user at an organization.

A full list of options that can be used are:

ExchHostname - The hostname of the Exchange server to connect to if Autodiscover is failing.
Mailbox - Email address of the current user the PowerShell process is running as (i.e. the only mailbox the account can search).
Terms - Certain terms to search through each email subject and body for. By default the script looks for "*password*","*creds*","*credentials*".
ExchangeVersion - In order to communicate with Exchange Web Services the correct version of Microsoft Exchange Server must be specified. By default this script tries "Exchange2010". Additional options to try are    Exchange2007_SP1, Exchange2010, Exchange2010_SP1, Exchange2010_SP2, Exchange2013, or Exchange2013_SP1.
OutputCsv - Outputs the results of the search to a CSV file.
MailsPerUser - The total number of latest emails to search through in the mailbox. The default is set to the latest 100 emails in the inbox.

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