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Honeytrap Opensource System
External Tool
External Data Source
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cyber defense, honeypots


Honeytrap is an extensible and opensource system for running, monitoring and managing honeypots.

Features of HoneyTrap:

Combine multiple services to one honeypot, eg a LAMP server
Honeytrap Agent will download the configuration from the Honeytrap Server
Use the Honeytrap Agent to redirect traffic out of the network to a seperate network
Deploy a large amount agents while having one Honeytrap Server, configuration will be downloaded automatically and logging centralized
Payload detection to determine which service should handle the request, one port can handle multiple protocols
Monitor lateral movement within your network with the Sensor listener. The sensor will complete the handshake (in case of tcp), and store the payload
Create high interaction honeypots using the LXC or remote hosts directors, traffic will be man-in-the-middle proxied, while information will be extracted
Extend honeytrap with existing honeypots (like cowrie or glutton), while using the logging and listening framework of Honeytrap
Advanced logging system with filtering and logging to Elasticsearch, Kafka, Splunk, Raven, File or Console
Services are easily extensible and will extract as much information as possible
Low- to high interaction Honeypots, where connections will be upgraded seamless to high interaction

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