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University of Southern California-Information Sciences Institute
University of Southern California-Information Sciences Institute
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C/C++ Library/tool for IP address anonymization

CryptopANT is a C library for IP address anonymization using crypto-PAn
            algorithm, originally defined by Georgia Tech.
            The library supports anonymization and de-anonymization (provided you possess a
            secret key) of IPv4, IPv6, and MAC addresses.
            The software release includes
            sample utilities that anonymize IP addresses in text,
            but we expect most use of the library will be as part of other programs.
            The Crypto-PAn anonymization scheme was developed by Xu, Fan, Ammar, and Moon at Georgia Tech and described
            in <a href=''>
            "Prefix-Preserving IP    Address Anonymization", Computer Networks,
            Volume 46, Issue 2, 7 October 2004, Pages 253-272, Elsevier</a>.
            Our library is independent (and not binary compatible) of theirs.

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