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University of Michigan
University of Michigan
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Category & Restrictions

Blackhole Address Space Data

ICC/Researcher MOA including the following additional terms:    "Researcher shall not transfer, extract, or duplicate the provided data outside the servers of the Data Host that house the data, without written authorization from the University of Michigan IMPACT PI team. Researcher agrees that derivative information from the provided data can be transferred and used, in accordance with the Researcher obligations and other terms of this Agreement, only if sensitive information (including IP addresses) has been anonymized and removed." "Researcher agrees that the computing resources (such as a virtual machine's processing power, memory and network bandwidth) provided by the Data Host to the Researcher for downloading or processing the data are shared resources. Researcher thus agrees that the service for access to the requested data would be on a best effort basis."


IMS data from the Dabber worm

Anonymized packet traces for TCP destination port 5554, from May 9, 2004 to May 29, 2004 collected at the University of Michigan/Merit IMS sensors.

Additional Details

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