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PAM13 dataset (Reputation Block Lists)
Merit Network, Inc.
Merit Network, Inc.
53 (lowest rank is 56)

Category & Restrictions

Traffic Flow Data


Blacklisted IPs

This dataset was used to analyze the impact of network reputation on Merit's    traffic (related publication is "Jing Zhang et al., Characterization of Blacklists and Tainted Network Traffic" (PAM'13)).

Using NetFlow    collected at Merit from June 20, 2012 to June 26, 2012, and based on 12 commonly used reputation blacklists (that cover spam, phishing/malware and active attacks),    we treated Netflow traffic as "tainted" if one or both of the source and destination IPs are listed by the Reputation Black Lists (RBLs).

Each directory includes the traffic (anonymized) tainted by the corresponding RBL (as indicated by the directory name). *all* directory contains tainted traffic by the union of all the blacklists. The NetFlow is aggregated by hour.

The blacklists used are:    brbl    cbl    dshield    hphosts    phisht       sbl    surbl    uce    wpbl

Additional Details

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