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UCSD - Center for Applied Internet Data Analysis
UCSD - Center for Applied Internet Data Analysis
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Blackhole Address Space Data


Quarterly DoS backscatter traces

Information useful for studying denial-of-service (DoS) attacks.
               This dataset consists of IPv4 packets sent by DoS attack victims in response
               to spoofed attack traffic. This backscatter from victims was collected by
               the UCSD Network Telescope. Possible uses include modeling DoS attacks,
               understanding victim populations, and using real packet traces to validate
               algorithms for detecting or classifying malicious traffic.
               This last use is particularly valuable because it is extremely challenging to
               artificially generate the kind of real-world noise present on the Internet.
               This dataset includes just the subset of CAIDA's backscatter data used for the paper
               "Inferring Internet Denial-of-Service Activity" published in ACM TOCS, May 2006.

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