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Skitter Internet Topology Data Kits (ITDKs)
UCSD - Center for Applied Internet Data Analysis
UCSD - Center for Applied Internet Data Analysis
50 (lowest rank is 55)

Category & Restrictions

Internet Topology Data


Skitter ITDKs for Apr 2002 and Apr 2003

These ITDKS contain Skitter data about connectivity, routing and latency gathered from a large cross section of the global Internet. ITDK200204 derives from Skitter topology data from 21 monitors from April 1 to April 16, 2002. It contains related skitter data, iffinder data, BGP tables, prefix tables with origin AS numbers, Route Views data, and DNS names for all IPs.
Similarly, ITDK200304 derives from Skitter topology data from 23 monitors from April 16 to May 8, 2003.

Additional Details

ucsd - center for applied internet data analysis, network layer protocols, internet topology, topology, routing protocol, route views, communication protocol, application layer protocols, network topology, space, border gateway protocol, history of computing, networking algorithms, 4, route distinguisher, mpls networking, domain name system, internet protocol, internet governance, skitter internet topology data kits (itdks)