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University of Southern California-Information Sciences Institute
University of Southern California-Information Sciences Institute
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IP Packet Headers
ip packet headers

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bottleneck trace at USC Internet2 link

This trace set contains 24 trace pairs gathered on Dec. 2nd, 2004. A pair of traces was gathered every hour for 24 hours. Each trace pair has two traces in Endace DAG format. The first one is a 5-minute long trace with no Iperf bottleneck flow inside (named by ***_background_dag). The second one was gathered shortly after the first one, and contains a 5-minute long trace with an Iperf TCP flow going through a known 100Mbps bottleneck (named by ***_bottleneck_dag). The Iperf TCP flow is from to (Both of these addresses are anonymized.). Both traces contain all packet headers traversing the monitored link in one direction in the corresponding time period.

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packet-header bottleneck one-time full-IP-anonymization