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University of Southern California-Information Sciences Institute
University of Southern California-Information Sciences Institute
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Category & Restrictions

Traffic Flow Data
traffic flow data

1.Researcher shall not extract, transfer, or duplicate the provided data outside the compute environment of the Data Provider/Host that house the data, without written authorization from the Colorado State IMPACT PI team. Researcher agrees that derivative information from the provided data can be transferred and used in accordance with the Researcher obligations and other terms of this Agreement, only if sensitive information (including IP addresses) has been anonymized and/or removed.
2. Researcher acknowledges    that the actions of Researcher while using the compute environment/resources provided by the data Provider/Host are subject to logging and monitoring at any time and without prior consent. The data Provider/Host may terminate access to the datasets and compute resources at anytime, for any reason and without prior warning to the Researcher.
3. Researcher agrees that compute resources (such as real and/or virtual machine's processing power, memory and network bandwidth) provided by the Data Provider/Host to the Researcher for downloading and processing the data, are shared resources. Thus, Researcher agrees that such resources/services are provided on a best effort basis.


ARGUS flow data

Daily Argus files (see ) with flows on a 10Gb/s link between and a content ISP. Has traffic from several academic institutions. This is a sample of the continuous dataset under a similar name. This sample is fully anonymized.

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