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UCSD Telescope Sipscan dataset
UCSD - Center for Applied Internet Data Analysis
UCSD - Center for Applied Internet Data Analysis
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Blackhole Address Space Data
blackhole address space data, packet captures


Information about UDP packets captured during the Sipscan event (Jan-Feb 2011)

The sipscan release dataset contains detailed information about each UDP probing packet captured by the UCSD Network Telescope over the course of the event (Jan-Feb 2011).
The dataset consists of a single text file. Each row in the file represents one packet. Fields include the time the packet was received, results of geographic mapping of
the source IP (country code, latitude and longitude), Autonomous System Number, source and destination address identifiers, and source port. The source addresses have
been anonymized by mapping each address to a unique identifier, maintaining a one-to-one mapping between original IP and anonymized identifier. Destination addresses
have had the most-significant octet changed to protect the identity of the /8 network used by the UCSD Network Telescope. The geographic and AS information for each
packet can be used to reproduce the visualizations and tables presented in the paper, and the source port can be used to carry out the 'port unrolling' technique.

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