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CAIDA UCSD AS Facilities Mapping
UCSD - Center for Applied Internet Data Analysis
UCSD - Center for Applied Internet Data Analysis
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Infrastructure Data


This dataset created in April 2017 contains information about geographic locations of interconnection facilities, and Autonomous Systems that have peering interconnections at those facilities.

Interconnection facilities host routers of many different networks and partner with Internet Exchange Points to support different types of interconnection between the networks. This dataset contains detailed information about individual interconnection facilities including their names, operators, and geographic data; mapping of ASes to interconnection facilities; and types of peering interconnections used at those facilities. This data augments topological maps of AS connectivity with physical attributes and can be used to assess the resilience of interconnections in the event of natural disasters, identify facility or router outages, shed light on peering disputes, and help locate points of attacks, congestion, or instability on the Internet. For the detailed description of the methodology and data formats please see

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