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Internet Outage Datasets
University of Southern California-Information Sciences Institute
University of Southern California-Information Sciences Institute
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Address Space Status Data
address space status data


reachability of responsive of IPv4 /24s

This group comprises all Trinocular datasets aimed at detecting Internet outages by pinging end-hosts.

It also includes all supplemental and related datasets.

To collect this data, all allocated and responsive Internet IP address blocks were pinged by sending ICMP ECHO_REQUEST (PING) packet. The block status was recorded in this data set. Probe was repeated every 11 minutes, and more quickly when uncertain about block status. In all, approximately 3.5M /24 subnets were periodically probed.

New, datasets reflecting most recent quarter are added approximately every 3 months.

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ip-address, sweep, address-collection, ping, icmp, one-time, no-IP-anonymization,trinocular

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