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CAIDA UCSD BGP Community Dictionary Dataset
UCSD - Center for Applied Internet Data Analysis
UCSD - Center for Applied Internet Data Analysis
Data collection is ongoing
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Geolocation Data
geolocation mapping


This dataset provides information about geographical locations encoded in BGP Community attributes.

This BGP Community Dictionary Dataset focuses on Location-Encoding Ingress Communities which label the location where the prefix entered the network. The Dictionary represents our best effort to extract meaningful geolocation information encoded by network operators into the Community attributes they set up for their networks. These data can be used as a source of meta-data to interpret/annotate other BGP data, including for inferring topological and geographic locations of outages.
Data is provided in a Tab Separated Values format. Each entry contains the BGP community, the geographic encoding, and the
date when it was collected. Some records may also include additional (human-readable) location information, such as the city, facility, etc.
For more information, please see .
This dataset is the subject of ongoing measurement and data collection. As such the data is continuously growing. Researchers who are granted access will be able to download updates for a period of one year after their request.

Additional Details

Size is growing as more data is collected
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