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Honeynet Project Challenges
External Dataset
External Data Source
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Category & Restrictions

cyber attack, malicious traffic


The Honeynet Project goal is to improve Internet security by sharing lessons learned about the most common threats. The Honeynet project deploys honeynets all around the world to capture and analyze attacks in the wild. Based on this information, the security community can better understand the threats they face and how to defend against them.

The purpose of Honeynet Challenges is to take this learning one step farther regarding cyber security. Instead of having the Honeynet Project analyze attacks and share their findings, Challenges give the security community the opportunity to analyze these attacks and share their findings. The end results is not only do individuals and organizations learn about threats, but how to learn and analyze them. Even better, individuals can see the write-ups from other individuals, learning new tools and technique for analyzing attacks. Best of all, these attacks are from the wild, real hacks.

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