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ISOT Mouse Gestures Dataset
External Dataset
External Data Source
University of Victoria
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human behavior


This dataset consists of mouse gesture dynamics datasets, whereby 41 participants were asked to produce gesture samples using the mouse, and the dynamics were captured accordingly. The dataset includes both regular samples and samples produced in adversarial situation.

The raw data in this dataset consists of the horizontal coordinate (X-axis), vertical coordinate (Yaxis), and the elapsed time (T) in milliseconds starting from the origin of the drawn gesture.    There are two folders. The data in the first folder consists of genuine samples from 41 users, where users were asked to draw five different gestures outlined from various figures. The data was collected over a period that ranges from 10 days to a month. The data in the second folder corresponds to the second experiment where some users attempted to forge the gestures of other users by observing how they draw the gestures. Forgery attacks
were conducted against 26 different (genuine) users, each attacked by 5 different users.    ; itraore at

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