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#1 2017-03-17 10:01:46 am

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NSF award, "Cybersecurity Big Data and Analytics Sharing Platform"


"Cybersecurity has become a significant issue that presents new challenges to individuals, industry, and government. To help deal with complex cybersecurity challenges, the international Intelligence and Security Informatics (ISI) community has published high-impact, Big Data driven cybersecurity research since 2003. Despite the many novel advances in data-driven cybersecurity research, there is no sharing platform that aggregates and provides data and tools used and developed in cybersecurity research for the larger cybersecurity community. The proposed project aims to fill this gap by developing the Cybersecurity Big Data and Analytics Sharing Platform to encourage cybersecurity researchers to share their data, tools, and analytical approaches. In addition, the project will support two Security Big Data and Analytics Sharing Workshops to engage the community in the platform development. Upon project completion, the platform will be open for access by the broad cybersecurity research and education community.

The proposed data sharing platform would enable the publication of high-impact, reproducible, and cutting edge research to advance scientific discoveries. Such a platform would also enhance the educational experience for cybersecurity students, specifically CyberCorps SFS students as they prepare to enter the cybersecurity workforce. The proposed project will provide value to both cybersecurity researchers and students by providing data for cutting-edge research and enhanced educational experiences. In addition, this project will also have significant value to government agencies and other organizations interested in developing cyber threat intelligence knowledge. The project team will consist of leading scholars in Big Data Security."


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