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#1 2019-03-26 6:52:20 am

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Medical Device Network Data Generation - Feedback

Hello All,

We are creating this thread as a sounding board for researchers to post ideas on how we can generate data sets that are most useful to you the users of the data.

The plan that we have been executing is developing workflow scenarios to generate medical traffic data under normal clinical workflow conditions and are beginning to document failure modes that may be encountered during operation of the medical devices. We are performing network capture of all traffic generated as well as documenting timestamps and actions of workflow steps.

We are looking for feedback from users and/or potential users of these data sets. What devices are of most interest?  Are there workflows of particular interest?  Do you have recommendations on how to improve the usability of data we are generating?

Thank you for your feedback,

David Guffrey and the rest of the PHS/MGH Team


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