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IMPACT supports the global cyber-risk research & development community by coordinating and developing real-world data and information-sharing capabilities between academia, industry and government.

It is the only freely-available, legally-collected, distributed repository of large-scale current and historical data and analytics for researchers to advance the state-of-the-art in cyber-risk R&D and decision support.
An Open Letter to the IMPACT Community and Cyber-risk Stakeholders:
It is with earnest regards for your contributions to enhancing the security, stability and resilience of our global infrastructures and systems that we regret to inform you that, unless support emerges during the next several months, the current IMPACT Program will cease operations in December 2018. This will mean that your continued use of existing data will expire and your ability to request further data through IMPACT will no longer exist.

The open secret of cyber security is that empirical data and credible analytics are fundamental to accelerate the design, production, and evaluation of effective cyber security solutions, as well as to develop advanced, collective knowledge. However, the value of having a research infrastructure that enables real-world, large scale, timely, and longitudinal data collection, sharing, and analysis continues to be severely underestimated. Like our bridges and roads, too often such capabilities are assumed to exist without deliberate resource affordances. The result has been a scarcity of data that is available to the industrial, academic and government R&D stakeholders for innovation, decision-making and plain old truth-setting. For the past 10+ years IMPACT has uniquely championed this enabling infrastructure with the support of the U.S. Dept. of Homeland Security, Science & Technology Directorate, Cyber Security Division.

IMPACT's return-on-investment speaks for itself: we have provisioned over 3,500 datasets, to over 2,400 users across 8 countries, and produced hundreds of technical thought products and countless product enhancements and strategic assistance. Qualitatively, IMPACT has: operationalized a rare model of successful data sharing; lowered the barriers to entry for the data impoverished to pursue your respective missions; enabled sustainable and scalable distribution of data; and effectuated trusted and responsible cyber security innovation.

While you all have enjoyed the benefits of this enabling resource, it has not been cost-free. Despite the unarguably positive impact on principled science and evidence-based decisions, certain government leadership have not similarly grasped the importance of continuing to fund the IMPACT Program.

We wholeheartedly invite you to express your discontent with this impending outcome by contacting your congressional representatives or government leadership, and welcome any resources or ideas that you or your organization can bring to bear on keeping this 'digital highway' open for business. I can be reached at Erin.Kenneally@HQ.DHS.gov.

With deep appreciation for your efforts toward our collective objectives-
Erin Kenneally, DHS IMPACT Program Manager, and the IMPACT Resource Providers
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IMPACT offers a unique, distributed cyber risk research data and tool repository supported by a streamlined policy framework. This centralized brokering and distributed provisioning between the providers, hosts and researchers addresses the operational, technical and administrative costs and challenges that build trust needed for sustainable and scalable data sharing.






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