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University of Southern California-Information Sciences Institute
University of Southern California-Information Sciences Institute
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Internet Topology Data
internet topology, geolocation mapping


Geolocation ground truth data

This dataset contains latency measurements and location information for 85 /24 blocks that belong to universities around the world. The IP addresses of each block are believed to be closely co-located. The measurements are leveraged from the IP Geolocation datasets: InternetTopologyData/IP_Address_Geolocation_Data provided by the USC/LANDER project ( ). The location information is obtained from Google Geocode API and MaxMind GeoLite City database. The dataset also provides artificial dual-location blocks made by merging IP addresses from two different single location /24 blocks. The two merged blocks are VP-compatible (probed by the same set of of VPs). The distance between the combined blocks varies across the artificial blocks. This dataset can be useful for geolocation and IP blocks co-locality research.

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ip-address geolocation

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Internet Geolocation Datasets